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Melanie · E.

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I have been excited about the release of the movie "Science of Sleep", which is about a man confusing his dreams with reality. Quite fascinating! And it most certaintly doesn't hurt that Gael Garcia is pretty pleasing to the eyes. Also, I have been waiting for months for "Volver" (a Pedro Almodóvar film!) to be released in the States. All this anticipation is killing me.

Anyway, my new favorite hang-out place is the self-help section of Borders. I spent two hours with two friends, sitting in the aisle reading books about understanding body language, love, and various other topics of self-development. I now realize my thirst for some type of guidance in this stage of my life where I have forgotten what stability feels like in every aspect possible.

Among other things that have taken my interest as of late are: photobooth pictures, the book "The Lovely Bones", McDonalds fruit and walnut salads, eggplants, PiM's, Big Brother UK, and Patron tequila.
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Hello my lovelies. I am currently in London, and will soon end my month long journey overseas. The past two weeks here in London have been a fine one, as I am currently living in a quaint neighborhood in the suburbs with a charming old British lady who brings fresh flowers to my room in the morning, and converses with me over coffee. I say hi to the neighbors who I see everyday on my way to the tube, go grocery shopping, keep up with the television shows, and have gotten used to how everything works around here. Needless to say, I have become very comfortable. I will be back home in a few days, so a much bigger update will be given, complete with pictures. Until then, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

P.S. I hope everyone received their postcards!

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It was quite lovely to sit in a coffee house again, solely amidst meaningful conversations with those I am most comfortable with. Tis a sharp contrast from those people with whom I have been surrounded by as of late.

I have been lacking sleep recently. Although, bad sleeping habits and the inability to doze off seems to be an unhealthy trend with me, which became apparent while looking through my journal entries throughout the years. Three or four hours here and there, and the rest is compensated with coffee.

Finals are here, so I will consequently be living in the library for the next two weeks. Good luck to everyone on yours.

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